Bandwidth Issue

 Obviously, I have one.
I have no job thus, no money, so I can't buy a Pro account on Photobucket. I have too much content there that's being linked to so I can't really delete much, either.

All I can say is that I hope, when the bandwidth resets, something will work out and for a short while, you'll be able to see my graphics.


Hetalia GFX Project COMPLETED!


Inspired by a group project known as the King & Qeens MEP, I wanted to put together something amazing for the Hetalia community using my talent of graphic making, and I wanted to give other makers this fabulous opportunity. So, I hope that you (the viewer) will enjoy looking at and hopefully even using these graphics that we made to show our appreciation for Hetalia and the Hetalia fandom all over Livejournal.

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Hetalia GFX Project Team

Again, please don't feel offended if you're not on this list. I am looking for impressive designers whose graphics are more than the average, whose graphics have a little bit of UNFFF to them because I want to offer the community the very best! I want to dazzle people and leave them in awe.

I still love each and every one of you for applying, don't forget that! I dont look down on any single one of you.

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Okay, I'm sure most of you have seen the King & Queens MEP. It's really powerful and touching and it left me a little depressed, but for a strange reason. I think it's amazing that all the people who got to work on that AMV were given the opportunity to become part of something bigger and something beautiful. I found myself wishing I had that opportunity, too.

I thought things for a little bit...I am passionate about graphic design, but I thought, "Well, what the heck could be done with graphics that would be able to be created by many different people and can be enjoyed by the entire community?"

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taking up requests!


How does this work?
Simple! You just comment telling me which character you'd like to see on one of my wallpapers and I'll more than likely have a wallpaper with that character on it ready to be posted here, on my graphics LJ. Why do I ask that you only name a character? Because if I have limitations, I can't get any inspiration!

Just a little disclaimer, I will try to fill everyone's wishes but if your request makes me uncomfortable, I won't do it. Like, I won't be making a girl/girl wallpaper or anything but I'm pretty open to any character and any pairing.

Sooo~ suggest a character, a pairing, a group of people (i.e. Allies, Axis) an animal, whatever!

Please make sure all requests are related to Hetalia

AROUND THE WORLD [icon series] part two~ PLUS BONUS ICONS

This is the second part of my massive icon series that will prgress over the next month or so. Basically, I will be making icons of nearly every canon Hetalia character. The first part of this series primarily focuses on Germany, Italy, Romano, Prussia, and Japan.
I hope you enjoy and I hope you look forward to the rest of this series. =)

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